“Before Jack knew it, the wind started blowing and the waters began rising until his little boat was pitching to and fro. Jack knew something must have angered the poor sea, and he was determined to amend things. So off Jack dove, into the water in search of the place where King Sea resided. But before Jack got very far, the angry sea sent a powerful current and swept Jack away into the darkest part of the ocean. And then,” “What?! What happened next, Mommy?” “And then, Little Lucy went to sleep.” “But Mommy!” “No buts now. Goodnight, Little Lucy.”

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"Five days, five people, five stories; all of them completely different, and yet all of them strangely the same. Five random instances, and yet a feeling that all of this has happened before. Some say


It’s impossible, surely. I cannot believe what I’m seeing. I must ask the doctor again, but I cannot stop staring. Is this really me?

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