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I was born on a far off planet called Missouri. In a sleepy little mining town named Bonne Terre. We managed to escape persecution (oh did I meant my mother was a run away princess from an opressive and evil government) We landed in another sleepy little town named Oklawaha on a planet called Florida, (which abounds with crazy men, but that's for another story.) It took us 3 years to make the trip but finally we arrived in paradise. Well for me it was a paradise. Orange groves as far as you could see, crystal clear lakes to swim in, year round warm weather, spanish moss you could make beards longer then myself with, and snakes....well every paradise has a serpent, right?) Then 3 years later they had to lure my mother back with the news that my grandfather was dieing. So we upped and launched back to the horrid Missouri...(makes me shudder everytime I think about that place.) Fortunately my oldest sister escaped the insidious trap and remained on the planet Florida. She found some local alien and married and moved to a different quandrant of the planet. Another very sleepy town named Okeechobee. They would let us come visit her every summer, except the one summer when I was 12 and we visited the powerul Mouse on a planet named California, (he would soon conquer Florida in just around 4 more years. When I turned 15 we made the escape again to Florida, but to where my oldest sister was living in Okeechobee. This time they didn't bother with us. I only went back to Missouri about 4 more times, the last when my grandmother died. Oh I almost forgot, remember the grandfather I mentioned who was almost dieing making my mom pack us up and move back to that forsaken place? Yeah, he lived until I was 24.) Probably enough of that story for now, Hollywood has contacted me several times wanting to tell it, but I don't really want it out there. (Plus they didn't agree to get Chris hemsworth to play me, I'm petty that way.) Well if you read all this, sorry, that was 4 minuted of your life you'll never get back.


George Meyers

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