Who I Am

Created by the Creator to blaze my own trail, inspire others, and change the world for Him.


I'm perfect in His eyes,

I'm random, I'm crazy, I'm unique...

I'm Me.

  My name is Emily Finke, and I am 21 years old. I am a girl of many talents and interests.

  From playing the guitar at age 6, the violin at age 8, the piano at age 10, starting my own business at age 12, filming and editing a PSA for a movie theatre at age 15, singing opera at age 17, and doing a wide variety of things in between, my short 20 years have been an incredible journey so far, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.

  I was blessed with many talents. Some say I am fortunate. I believe I am. I also know, however, that having several talents can be a hindrance when a young person is trying to discover exactly what their purpose in life is. So it was for me.  

  When I reached the age at which one must start thinking about long term choices and goals, I did not know what to do. I suddenly felt that the talents I had been blessed with were now a brick wall, stopping me from accomplishing things I dreamed about, instead of being doors of possibilities. I thus began down a road of self-discovery. It was not an easy journey and, suffice it to say, I am still on that journey. Who knows where it will take me. But now, instead of looking down the road questioning where it ends and what I will become when I get there, I am learning to enjoy the scenery while on the journey and look forward with excitement about what tomorrow holds. In looking back at the time when I was lost and wary about what I would become and what part I would play in this great big world, I realize that each of my talents has been a gift from God, and each of them had a part in helping me get where I am today.  

  And where am I today? Where has that road of self-discovery taken me? Well, the answer could change depending on what the day and hour is. Just when I think I've figured out where the road ends, I come upon another curve that takes me where I never dreamed I'd go. No matter what, though, I trust that God is in control.​

  Two words I would use to describe myself are enthusiastic and adventurous. I'm not afraid to try new things, and if I don't know how to do something, I am a fast learner. As a person with a creative mind, it is very difficult for me to be idle.  I like to keep busy, whether it is working on improving my performance skills, making and selling crafts, fishing, playing with my dog, sewing historical clothing, camping, making videos, writing, composing, gardening, spending time with my family, or anything else I can think of!  

  Even though I am pretty easy-going and like to keep busy, I am a deep thinker who enjoys analyzing and researching, especially anything to do with history.  I love learning about what life was like in different time periods, and I have a special interest in the fashions throughout history.  

  I often spend slow days with a good book. Just as an athlete must keep in shape and exercise every day, our imaginations must also be exercised and used. Books do that for me.  There is nothing like the intimacy that is found when you find yourself slipping into another world, through the door of your imagination. A world where anything can happen, and you are every character. 

  I was once asked to consider my personality and label it. However, that was near impossible to do. My personality cannot be put in a box. I am an easy-going person who loves to talk, loves people, and is very passionate. But I am also a deep thinker who is thoughtful, organized, and compassionate.

November 2020
"The Sound of Freedom"
Single Release
Original, self-produced single as an Indie Artist
July 2020
"Marigolds Blowing in the Wind" Single Release
Original, self-produced single as an Indie Artist
July 2020
"A Patriot's Prayer"
Single Release
Original, self-produced single as an Indie Artist
Honors Performance Series;
Sydney Opera House
Young Adult Finalist
Honors Performance Series;
Carnegie Hall
Young Adult Finalist
Actor's, Models, and Talent for Christ
SHINE Graduate
Overall Teen Singer Runner-up
Frostproof's Got Talent
Grand Prize Winner
Own the Stage Talent Competition
Grand Prize Winner
FACCS Junior Fine Arts Competition
Superior Rating; Violin Performance
FACCS Junior Fine Arts Competition
Excellent Rating; Violin Performance
FACCS Junior Fine Arts Competition
Excellent Rating; Violin Performance

In the News

Emily Finke Releases

2nd Single

august 6, 2020 - marigolds newspaper.jpg

Emily Finke: Lake Placid Prodigy, pg. 1

Finke Performs at Carnegie Hall, pg. 1

Finke to Release

"A Patriot's Prayer"

june 25, 2020 - patriot's prayer newspap

Emily Finke: Lake Placid Prodigy, pg. 2

Finke Performs at Carnegie Hall, pg. 2



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