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Emily E. Finke

Ragtime Band

Alexander's Ragtime Band

  Join Emily on a magical experience: a journey through time to relive and reimagine the music of a time gone by. This laid-back and fun reimagining of the classic song by Irving Berlin calls back to the era of ragtime and flappers. With Emily's incredible talent and a nod to nostalgia, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" is brought into the 21st century with a reverent flair that captures the heart of the original composition.

  "Alexander's Ragtime Band" has stood the test of time and now, over 100 years later, relives its glory with an entertaining arrangement by Emily E. Finke. The instrumental arrangement is performed by her sister, Ashley Finke, on violin. Listen and enjoy this fun cover that will keep you dancing and singing this ode of ragtime for another hundred years!

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