5 Random Facts

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

It’s pretty obvious to tell that I’m a singer, I love performing, and my faith is the root of everything I do. But I’m a much more complicated person than all that. So, just for fun, here’s 5 random facts that you probably don’t know (and didn’t need to know)(but I’m going to tell you anyways 😁) about me: 1. My room is painted my favorite color, blue. But not just any shade of blue. My favorite blue is like a bluish gray, but with more gray than blue, but then again not too much gray, and the gray cannot have any green in it, it has to be like a slate gray, mixed with just the right amount of blue, but not a light blue like a baby blue, it has to be a darker blue, but not so dark it’s almost black, just the perfect shade of blue mixed with the perfect shade of gray to make the most perfect, muted blue-gray color. 2. But then again I really do love the color purple. But it can’t be any color, it has to be almost a plum purple, but not too red....... ok, you get the idea. 3. I love hats of all kinds, shapes, and sizes, and I have a modest, but growing, collection of around 12 hats. 4. I either want to wear only high heel shoes or no shoes at all. No, there is no compromise here. 5. Patience can be my nemesis. I have killed several plants by overwatering in the hopes that they would grow faster. Well, there’s 5 random facts about me. If you took the time to read all the way through that, thanks! I hope you found it interesting, even if you now have 5 random, useless facts tying up space in your brain.


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