Creative Interview: Patrice Broderick, Pt. 1

Updated: Apr 3

Hello my friends!! Welcome to a new series on my blog! I love learning about people. It’s amazing what we can learn if we take a moment to get to know someone else or listen to what they have to say.

I have decided to start a series on this blog sharing interviews with some of my friends and fellow creatives/small business owners/entertainers/their projects etc. to support them and share with you their faith, inspiration, and just how amazing they are! I hope you enjoy them, and if you fall into one of the afore mentioned categories, continue reading to find out how you can be featured with an interview, here on my blog.

Today’s interview is with Patrice Broderick, a lovely lady from La Vernia, Texas. Let’s jump right in and see what Patrice has to share:

Introduction and Bio:

I am retired military and a retired nurse, I do acting and stand up comedy, and I belong to several organizations. I reside in La Vernia Texas. I am generally upbeat, since I do better now at leaving my troubles to God. I am very blessed that I have so many friends-- in this I feel rich. I like to do whatever I can to help others and lift their spirits.

What role has your faith had in your creative enterprises?

In the beginning of my career in acting (with some modeling) I put my own wants and desires first. As my faith continued to grow with the help of others and Bible studies and later my time with AMTC, I became quite aware of my sin on self focus- a constant battle.

I must diminish. I think my creative enterprises have gone much better as I keep my focus on others as well as asking the Lord, what will you have me do.

Describe your creative process

That's a tough one. Do I have a process? It starts with getting the idea for a project and to think about the possible impact to others. Actually the personal project related to being administrator of a page on Facebook, fell into my lap. In time, it germinated and grew. Then circumstances, being the Coronavirus pandemic made it grow leaps and bounds. My personal view now (which would not have been my way of thinking in the past) is that this is God's plan and I actually have very little to do with it.

What is your main goal as a creative?

Serve God and dispose of mirrors!

What is a passion project you have been dreaming about but hasn’t come to fruition yet?

The project is running a Friends of St. Ann Church Facebook page. It is a work in progress and my life is. It is the other participants from my church, with all of their input as well, that helps make it happen. Yes, I pray about it. I would never consider it done but rather is ongoing and alive.

What is your favorite or most inspirational Bible verse?

Currently, since a recent Bible Study it is from Jesus last words. Jesus said, "I thirst." (John 19:28. The author of this Bible study suggested we commit, that week, to saying those words with our own name in front. "Patrice, I thirst". It surely gives it personalization. Perhaps Jesus was speaking these words to all of us that he thirsts for us.

What is something that makes you smile on a daily basis?

My cat, Loki.

What do you find to be the easiest part of creativity?

I guess when I just let it flow. I might have to leave and come back later if I struggle to concentrate.

What do you find to be the hardest part of creativity?

I'd say when I feel like I have may great ideas and want to share lots of them and I do but then start thinking others would rather I not share so much daily.

Who, living, is your biggest influence and/or supporter?

I can't actually say it's one person but I credit many of my sisters and bothers in Christ from my church. Different times, it's different people.

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