Creative Interview: Patrice Broderick, Pt. 2

Updated: Apr 13

Hello my friends!! Welcome to another post here on my series of interviewing Christian Creatives! Have you been enjoying learning about these amazing people, so far? I know I have. It’s amazing what we can learn if we take a moment to get to know someone else or listen to what they have to say.

I decided to start this series on my blog, sharing interviews with some of my friends and fellow creatives/small business owners/entertainers/their projects etc., to support them and share with you their faith, inspiration, and just how amazing they are! I hope you enjoy them, and if you fall into one of the afore mentioned categories, continue reading to find out how you can be featured with an interview, here on my blog.

Today’s interview is part two with the wonderful Patrice Broderick! Let's jump right in:

I am my mother's daughter and have become my mother more and more. In my adolescence, that was the last thing I wanted. My Mom was a faith-filled good women who aided and took in grandparents and a neighbor into our home when they were in poor health. Everything she ever did was for others. Now I find myself in several organizations that help in various ways in the community. Now I look forward to these opportunities to put others first.

The project I am involved in is connected to Wilson County Beautification Assoc. We were approached by the staff of Children's Alliance of South Texas in Floresville as they wanted our help with making the Children's Advocacy Center look more beautiful and inviting for the abused kids who come to them. No sooner did we set up our first meet with them, we found out we could apply for grant money but needed to do it soon. It was off and running!

What role has your faith had in this project?

There is a lot I do in this organization that I don't feel personally competent in, but it is working with the help of others and God's oversight.

Describe the project.

What was at first to be a simple project of digging up plants from the yard of my co-director (I volunteered to head this up) and plant on the CAST property, became a much bigger project with having this grant money to really fix and replace and beautify really well.

What is your main goal with this project?

At this point, with coronavirus restrictions holding us up, we are probably going to have to ask the Keep Texas Beautiful people for a time extension for completion of the project. Main goal is get it done! The kids and families need a space that is inviting.

What is your favorite or most inspirational Bible verse?

The Lord is my shepherd.

What is something that makes you smile on a daily basis?

This maybe not every day but has become quite frequent lately. It's how God shows his sense of humor.

What did you find to be the easiest part of working on this project?

My monitoring of the timeline, my organization skills.

What did you find to be the hardest part of working on this project?

I am unfamiliar with many plants for types and where to place and details of planting but my co-director is expert.

Who, living, is your biggest influence and/or supporter?

Just occurred to me with your question placed here. It is my co-director, Tambria, who I am appreciating more and more.

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