July 25th Trip Day 3

After going to bed around 8:00 p.m. the night before, I could not sleep past 5:00 a.m. Feeling well rested, I started the day and saw (what I could) of the sunrise at 6:00. I was running on excitement of this new adventure, but apparently other people need something a little more substantial, thus I took a quick walk down the road to a coffee and pastry shop with my mom. I can still smell that wonderfully crisp, clean mountain air still a little moist from the dew. Once everyone was awake, we began the day's adventure after lunch. Taking the public transport bus, our first stop was the Katoomba Falls Reserve. There, we got on a short trail that took us to a lookout of the mountains, Scenic World (more about that later), the Katoomba Waterfall, and the Katoomba Cascades. I was having so much fun! After walking around for a couple of hours, the time came to head home for dinner. (It may or may not have taken us a little bit to figure out the bus system to go home, but let's keep that just between us.) While waiting at the bus stop, a small flock of Cockatoos decided to land in the opposing grassy area. One in particular hopped onto the nearby bench. Seizing the moment, and against the better judgement of my mother, I decided to get a picture with said Mr. Cockatoo. But, oh no, not just any picture, I wanted a great picture! I wanted to see how close Mr. Cockatoo would let me get. The interaction resulted in the sequence of photographs below. As it turns out, Mr. Cockatoo is more ham than bird, and not only let me get close enough for a picture, but also took the opportunity to show off and pose for the camera (while still maintaining a cautious eye on me and my stealthy advances). On a side note, beware of sisters with cameras. They might just take your picture when you are oblivious and unconsciously posing like a statue. Back to the story, upon returning to town, a quick stop by the grocery store was in order before returning home for a relaxing evening on the sofa with dinner, wine, and an episode of Bonanza. (Ignore my sleepy face in the last picture. I was rather tired.)

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