Updated: Sep 24, 2019

July 22nd-24th Trip Days 1-2

My mom, my sister, and I left Florida on July 22nd, flying to LAX where we got on our 15 hour flight to Sydney. We arrived in Sydney, Australia, on July 24th, where we took a 2-hour train ride to a little town called Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. After grabbing a late lunch and settling into our little apartment, we ventured out to find some groceries. Having located an ALDI on the map before arriving, we quickly found it and proceeded to try and navigate through a different experience of shopping. [Fun Fact: Shopping carts in Australia are All Wheel Drive (all 4 wheels turn). That took some getting used to 😂] With our backpacks and arms loaded with groceries, we trekked back up the hill of the main street, Katoomba St., with our tired, little legs. By this point, it was already getting dark, (about 5:00 p.m.), so we called it a night following a quick dinner. (P.S. Don't eat the food in LAX. Trust me, just don't.)

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