July 29th-30th Trip Day 7-8

The time had come to say goodbye to the Blue Mountains. We got up early so as to get our things packed in time to check out of our apartment and catch the train back to Sydney. Since we had halfway unpacked our suitcases when we arrived, it was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together trying to figure out how to get things packed again, and this time including our souvenirs, snacks, and 3 jars of delicious, wild Blue Mountains' honey! (And the honey even survived the trip home! Yay!!) With all of our bags packed, we said goodbye to the apartment, walked down the street to the station, and were just in time to catch the train. I wish I could say it was a storybook ending waving farewell to Katoomba from the window of the train as we pulled out of the station. I wish I could say that time stood still as in one final glance, I committed to my memory all the wonderful things that had happened and how it all seemed like a dream. But alas, reality hit, and none of the above happened as the train was rather full and we were busy finding seats and a place for our luggage where they would be safe for the 2-hour ride, and we were already a town away by the time we sat down and looked out the window to see the mountains growing smaller as we trekked towards the city. It was a rather drab ride on the train, the only excitement being the sounds of shouting and what was evidently a fight at the other end of the car. But the transport officials were quickly notified and everything was once again quiet. The rest of the day and the next were rather uneventful in the sense of exciting, fun things that we did as we ran into a bit of trouble with where we were supposed to stay in Sydney. The situation created a bit of stress and some plans had to be changed, but finally, 2 and a half days later and several trips between 4 apartment houses, we were able to relax and unpack in what would be our accommodations for the next week.

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