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I'm from a Spanish Anglo descendants. I was raised in the island of Puerto Rico (100 x 35 miles) which means that families reunions were constantly, specially, since the Fuertes, my mom last name, own the street with that name, plus 2 brothers, that inherited a land and that together build each a 5 floor apartment to rent. We have many cousin and others families to share.

I learned at school, English and some French and Latin. Spanish everywhere else and Portuguese at Brazil when I went as a missionary for 2 years, when I was 18 years old. Now I'm learning sing language to.

As my father was an radio's artist, we were all involved, in theater. Our 3 longs summer months, with so many of us around, we produced good acting.

I did learned Mandolin, trying to practise it again.

Our home is full with books, no paper bags ones, but big ☝ of many topics. We read a lot at our home in Spanish, English and in my case in Portuguese also.

I like old fashioned movies, without faul language and no sex-implicit scene.

I have learned, through God's Word, that He mange His creation with the system of: CAUSE and EFFECT. Obey my 10 Commandment and you will be bless and protected; Disobey My Moral Laws and you will choose to be out of My protection and without My blessings.

I beg your pardon, for any grammar errors!

Eva Bothwell Roessler

Eva Bothwell Roessler

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