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Emily E. Finke
Creative Entrepreneur/Opera Singer
Singer | Composer | Producer | Model | Writer | Musician | Actress | Director

Possessing what is said to be the most beautiful voice of the 21st century, Emily’s timeless sound is inspired by her Christian faith, classical training, and love of early 20th century pop music. Match that with her captivating personality, industrious productivity, and visionary passion, Emily is dedicated to her art and expressing herself through creativity while not letting the world's and industry's standards define her or her music.

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*Multi-Award Winner*

International Singer Songwriters Association - Music Video of the Year
Beyond Entertainment Family Film Festival - Original Song (Lyrics)
Prague Music Video Awards - Best Actress in a Music Video


Written, Performed, Arranged, and Produced by Emily E. Finke


     Created with the soul of early 20th century pop, the range of classical training, the inspiration of her Christian faith, and the ingenuity of an indie creative, “Maybe" takes the listener on an emotional journey of discovery to a place where “…dreams aren’t always what they seem.” “Maybe” is the creative realization of a true entrepreneur. Featuring highly acclaimed musicians Paul Tine, Dina Kostic, Bonnie Brown, Chris Glansdorp, and Marco Navarrete; tracking by Ray Holzknecht and Chas Payson at Echo Beach Studios, Jupiter, FL; and mastering by Garrett Haines of Tree Lady Studios; Emily takes the rest of the credits as lyricist, composer, arranger, producer, vocalist, mixing engineer, and publisher. 

     “Maybe” is available worldwide on all streaming and downloading platforms. Emily invites everyone, dreamers and non-dreamers alike, to find inspiration in her passionate lyrics and majestic score. Let the soaring music of the strings, piano, and oboe accompanying what is said to be one of the most beautiful voices of the 21st century take you to a place where dreams come true, “…just not how we dream they do.” 

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