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The Beginning of Forever
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A Great Big Valise Full of Books to Read Where it's Peaceful
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"Just a Closer Walk With Thee" feat. Gene Goodwin | Sunday Inspiration Ep. 13
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"Trust in the Lord" feat. Ashley Finke | Sunday Inspiration Ep. 11
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My favourite Christmas memory:
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Apr 08, 2021
The Surprise of Christmas During my very early years, my parents were very careful not to spoil us. They did not let us anticipate Christmas by building up excitement too early. There would not be a hint of Christmas in our home except for mom and dad talking about it. There were no decorations or lights at all. On Christmas Eve, my brothers and sisters and I would have to go to bed very early, which when you’re young is not a light matter at all, it is in fact, a very difficult thing to do. After a long along, fidgety, tossing, turning, bedclothes moving, pillow swallowing, terrifying, heart stopping, supposed to be sleeping night. Daylight streamed through the bedroom window. Morning, at last. Christmas morning. A glorious morning. Finally, we were allowed to get up, at 6:00 am, we walked in hushed silence. Hearts hammering fit to burst. I took my youngest sister’s hand, we looked at each other, a small nod, as if to say here goes. That moment was almost here. A step forward, eyes shut, into the doorway, the moment had arrived. Our home was spectacular. The Christmas tree was brilliant, Christmas pictures and small ornaments were everywhere. Smiles like radiating sun’s on mom and dad’s faces. “Merry Christmas, kids, merry Christmas.” It was the most beautiful sight and sound in the world, I swore I will never forget it. And I never have. They are gone now, mom, dad, and my sister, but every Christmas Eve I still feel those childhood emotions, the memories flood in, the joy they created in us children. I tried to do the same with my kids, and they now, try to do the same with my grandkids but it’s not quite the same, somehow. But I still remember as if it were that, one, Christmas morning. And I still say, “Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas.” ©

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