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Ordained minister, Playwright, actor, Director, Stage manager, Set Designer. Toured with Dr Loves Travelling Salvation Show & Tin Pot Emporium, from, Peoria, Illinois, a Civil War show, for 5 years (I wrote it). Appeared in the Royal Albert Hall in 1965 and Carnegie Hall in 2019 (they invited my beloved Ann and I back for Dec 2021 performance of the Messiah Refreshed.) I am a Civil War reenactor I portray a Hospital Steward and Chaplain for Co.B 30th OVI (FB page). Almost done with exams to become a Civil War MD, then on to become a surgeon...Okay that's enough. Word of advice, When an Irishman says to make a long story short...RUN! Mic O' The little Irish cottage by the three pines at the turn in the mountain road, on your way to where your dreams lie.

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